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Dive Club Demersus

Demersus is the most famous and active diving community in Kaliningrad region.

For more than 10 years we have been engaged in training new divers and equipment sales as well as scientific and archaeological exploration of the Baltic Sea depths and search for lost wrecks.

Our address:
Turgeneva Street 20A,
Kaliningrad, Russia 236008
tel.: +7 4012 38-78-11

Our five-star training center PADI is located in Kaliningrad. Here we are training divers for all qualifications. Since 2011, we have also been running the Instructor Development Course (IDC) under the guidance of Joanna Kannenberg the Course Director PADI..

Our equipment store has the same location in Kaliningrad. We offer a widest range of products for scuba diving and spearfishing from various brands and manufacturers. We are also able to provide quick delivery of products throughout Russia — thanks to our representative office in Moscow.

Practical classes and dives are conducted at our Dive Center in Yantarny in the former amber extraction quarry which reaches a depth of 26 meters at greatest. So today you yourself have a chance to find some nuggets of this beautiful stone at the bottom!

For diving activities farther out in the sea there is our dive boat Malysh (The Baby Kid) at our disposal in the port of Baltiysk. She has a capability to carry up to six divers and to transport them for a few hours to the most distant objects. The dive boat has all necessary equipment and permissions for activities in the open sea.

During the last few years, in cooperation with the Moscow team “Wreckhunter”, we have been actively looking for lost wrecks at the bottom of the Baltic Sea and investigating their history. Recently we have found a previously unknown German artillery cruiser and a Soviet patrol boat. We are particularly proud for investigating and finding out the name and destiny of the German icebreaker Pollux for which our team received a lot of awards. Apart from that there are also more than 15 sites suitable for diving at a short distance from the port.

Our most active members formed The Underwater Explorers Club on the basis of the State Museum of the World Ocean to pursue more detailed scientific and archaeological work. The latest find is the emblem of the German Krigsmarine that was lifted to the surface and transferred to the Museum. Now it is displayed among other artifacts of the collection ­- The Echo of War.

There are more than hundreds of divers from other regions and countries that visit our club every year — and no one stays indifferent to this place of Russia that is so rich with German history. Guests are always welcome by us and we are eager and open for any commercial and scientific cooperation and exchange of experience. We invite you to visit us! If necessary, we can take care of all organizational and transportation issues and ensure a unique cultural program for you.


For any questions and suggestions please contact us by e-mail: kulikov@demersus.ru.

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